Family moves into home that was site of previous drive-by shootings

Woman says previous violence was not disclosed before moving in

SAN ANTONIO – A family is searching for answers after someone opened fire and shot up their home.

Michelle Jones said she was at home with her two daughters, one of her daughter's friends and her son when someone fired shots through the front door of her home in the 9400 block of Lands Point. The bullets traveled to the back sliding glass door.

Gunfire turns welcome home party into a nightmare for Bexar County family

The shooting at her home was among the 12 shootings that happened across the Alamo City over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

No one was hurt, but Jones said they are terrified because the police told them this is not the first time a "drive-by" has happened at their home.

"The fear is indescribable," Jones said. "As a mother, I'm absolutely terrified inside, knowing, per neighbors and police, that this has happened before."

Jones said they just moved in a month ago.

"The landlady did not disclose this information to me," she said. "I'm so upset."

Jones said their landlord is paying to replace the sliding glass door and has offered to put more lighting or cameras up, but at this point, they want to move out before the shooter returns.

"Honestly, I don't feel safe at all," said Courtney Cooter, Jones’ daughter. "It's hard to sleep at night because I feel I’m going to close my eyes and hear a gunshot again."

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