Woman breastfeeding at Disneyland receives mixed reaction to viral photo

Breastfeeding mom says she's comfortable feeding anywhere

Facebook photo
Facebook photo

SAN ANTONIO – A woman is receiving mixed reviews on social media after posting a photo of her breastfeeding her son at Disneyland.

Brittni Medina posted a photo of herself breastfeeding with two seemingly unhappy onlookers in the background.

Medina claims the two other women in the photo were making remarks about how Medina should be using the restroom to feed her son.

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She explains in the updated Facebook post that she was nursing her 10-month-old son while waiting in line for a photo opportunity at the happiest place in the world and didn’t want to lose her spot.

Medina, who says she’s comfortable feeding anywhere, has supporters who defend her right to breastfeed anywhere, and some opponents who think she needs to be more respectful and cover up.

Commenters opposing public breastfeeding are pointing out that Disney, also known as the happiest place in the world, has baby care centers for families with young children.

They include:

  • Private nursing room with rocking chairs
  • Changing room with tables and a unisex bathroom
  • Feeding area with highchairs
  • Kitchen with microwave, oven and sink
  • Main room with television, table, chairs and sofa
  • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and clothing for purchase

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Supporters, meanwhile, were quick to share California’s laws that legally allow breastfeeding in public.

So we are APs and go to Disney often. Well my little man is 10months and BF! So we’re pretty comfortable feeding...

Posted by Brittni Nishimura on Saturday, November 18, 2017

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