Planning to take an Uber on New Year's Eve? What you need to know so you don't get taken for a ride

Uber shares safety tips ahead of NYE

SAN ANTONIO – New Year’s Eve is the busiest night of the year for Uber drivers. According to the ride-sharing company, millions of rides will be given to consumers around the world that night. The highest demand is expected to be between midnight and 3 a.m.

Uber has some consumer safety tips for riders to help them save money and stay safe.

Uber reminds customers that they will be shown the price in the app before requesting a ride, so they can know ahead of time what they’ll be expected to pay. Riders will be asked to confirm higher-than-normal fares.

Ride-share customers can save money by sharing an Uber with friends. Whether you’re all meeting at the same place, or even if there are multiple stops on the way, you can split the fare in the app with your friends.

 “Start or end the party early by picking up or dropping off your friends en route to the party and sharing one Uber,” company officials advise.

Uber officials also remind customers to check their ride to make sure they’re getting into the right car and not an imposter’s vehicle. Passengers can check the app to confirm their car and driver.

If your plans include attending San Antonio’s official New Year’s Eve party downtown, it may be hard to catch a cab or a ride-share due to the large number of people expected to be in attendance. VIA is offering Park & Ride service to and from the event. You can get those details here.

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