Community members block walk on West Side to raise awareness, end violence

Peralta killed in 2600 block of Westward Drive on West Side

SAN ANTONIO – Members of the community conducted a block walk on the West Side in an effort to end violence affecting the area.

Fast Facts: 

  • Members of the community led by Pastor Jimmy Robles walked a block radius around the apartment complex where homicide victim Julius Peralta lived.

  • There were friends, strangers and family members of Peralta who marched, chanting for an end to the violence.

  • Peralta was killed in the 2600 block of Westward Drive on the West Side.

  • There have been four shootings on the West and Southwest sides since the beginning of this year.

What neighbor Gracie Espinal is saying: 

"To see the impact it’s having on friends, family on the community this is a time to come together.” 

"We need to spread the peace. It needs to end. This is enough."

What Peralta's wife is saying: 

"How do you think you kids would feel being with their dad one day and not be able to wake up to him?"

"It doesn't feel real. I'm still waiting for that call."

"He was a dedicated man to his family, a hard worker. He cared about everybody. He was so reliable."

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