Historic and Design Review Commission approves design for Hemisfair Park

Developer plans to build 14-story hotel, parking garage, market

SAN ANTONIO – The city’s Historic and Design Review Commission on Wednesday approved the design for Hemisfair Park by ZH Downtown Development Company, LLC.


  • The plan is to build a 14-story hotel, a parking garage, a market and a mixed-use business living area at the site where the old convention center was torn down on Alamo and Market streets.

  • The plan will include an open space park with water and mature trees. The idea is that the park will be used by locals to enjoy and become a central gathering place for the city.

  • The construction will be paid through a private-public partnership.

  • Land lease funding from Zachary Hospitality will help pay for the park.

  • Fences will go up this summer at the construction site, with an expected completion by 2021.

  • Members with the Pacuache Indian First Nation and other community members spoke out against the proposal, saying the area is an ancient burial ground. Officials with Hemisfair Park said those claims have not been verified, and they have an archeologist that works on-site to ensure state and federal laws are followed.

What Omar Gonzalez, director of real estate for Hemisfair Park, is saying:

“This could be that space where, when the Spurs win the championship, you say, ‘I’ll meet you at Hemisfair.’ And we have the ground to accommodate tens of thousands of people that can come celebrate.”

“We want San Antonio to grow into a great city. Great cities have great downtowns. Great downtowns have great urban parks.”

“We're designing it for locals.  I think San Antonio will love it.”


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