Gang members who threatened rapper 6ix9ine over SA show arrested at airport

Alleged Tango Orejon gang members made threats to NY rapper on social media

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department arrested three men on Thursday who are suspected of being members of the Tango Orejon gang network and made threats to rapper 6ix9ine over his performance at a local bar.

According to preliminary information sent to KSAT.com, an SAPD airport officer was working traffic just after 4:30 p.m. at the San Antonio International Airport when he spotted two vehicles approaching him with several young men inside them.

The officer recognized 35-year-old Adam Rodriguez inside one of the vehicles as the man who was seen in a viral social media video earlier this week threatening rapper 6ix9ine over his local show Thursday.

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According to the preliminary report, the arrests came on the same day the 21-year-old rapper was set to arrive at the airport for his concert at Bar 23.

The vehicles stopped near the terminal and dropped off one of the passengers. The airport officer called for cover and one of the vehicles was stopped as it was leaving the airport, according to the preliminary report.

According to the report, the passenger was detained in the terminal. The passenger and the driver of a white Toyota Tundra were both booked on outstanding traffic warrants.

Rodriguez, who was seen front and center in the viral social media video, was arrested on a terroristic threat charge and his bond has been set at $5,000.

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Rodriguez took to Facebook on Friday to share his side of the story.

"I’m about what I say, we went three cars deep and had people posted inside the airport. TEKASHI69 manager called SAPD...I told on myself? He’s suppose (sic) to be a gangsta ain’t he? I’m Orejon Fr (sic) if anyone feel like testin (sic) that feel free!" Rodriguez said in his Facebook post. 

The arrests come days after the men in the video threatened that all “penitentiary rules are in effect" if 6ix9ine decides to perform at Bar 23 on Thursday.

In the video, the suspected gang members had an issue with the New York rapper’s 2015 use of a child in a sexual performance conviction.

In February 2015, 6ix9ine rapper was recorded groping a nude 13-year-old girl and later pleaded guilty to a felony use of a child in a sexual performance charge that was brought against him following the incident.

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The rapper is in the middle of sentencing proceedings and may face prison time after he failed to complete his GED diploma as part of his plea agreement, according to Jezebel.

According to an Instagram post and several other social media photos, the rapper was unharmed during his concert Thursday night and even had a preshow meet-and-greet with his fans.


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