SAFD Chief Hood pokes fun at unbelievable 911 calls made by San Antonians

‘I don't know what to do because my cat is acting weird,' 911 caller says

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SAN ANTONIO – Fire Chief Charles Hood has a suggestion to the 911 caller who told the dispatcher to send the police because their son doesn’t want to wake up for school: Pour an ice bucket of cold water on his head.

The chief's suggestion is part of the city of San Antonio’s attempt to educate the public on when to actually call 911 for a real emergency.

The “Real 911 Calls” series is an ongoing digital campaign for the city and the San Antonio Police Department. 

On Friday, first shared the campaign video of SAPD Chief William McManus hilariously trolling some of the ridiculous 911 calls the department has actually received. 

However, in the latest video by Hood shared on Monday, the calls do not get better but they do get crazier.

The campaign urges San Antonians to know when to call 911 and when to call the non-emergency line 210-207-SAPD (7273).

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Here are some of the calls that were read in the video by Hood, who hilariously responded with his own comments.

“Yes, where can I get a marriage license in San Antonio? And are they open this Saturday?”

“Hi, I don’t know what to do because my cat is acting weird?”

“Yes, please send the police because my son doesn’t want to wake up for school.”

Know when to call 911!

911 is for emergencies, including immediate threats to life or property. Not all calls are emergencies. Know the difference and know when to call 911!

Posted by San Antonio Fire Department on Monday, February 26, 2018

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