Oversized vehicle parking violation fees in residential areas to increase

Violation amount goes up from $35 to $500

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SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio is getting serious about cracking down on residents parking oversized vehicles in their neighborhoods.

Residents will now be fined $500 if they are caught violating city code. The previous fine was $35.

The San Antonio City Council on Thursday approved the fine increase.

Here are the rules:

  • An oversized vehicle is a motor vehicle, trailer or boat that exceeds 24 feet in length, 8 feet in width or 8 feet in height.
  • If an oversized vehicle is also a recreational vehicle, it may not be parked on the street in a residential district.  
  • If it does not meet the criteria for an oversized vehicle, it may be parked on the street but cannot be stored there. 
  • Parking on the street is allowed only for loading and unloading passengers, freight and merchandise. 
  • No exception for trip preparation. 
  • The rule applies 24 hours a day.

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