Mom driving with 3 children arrested in drag racing sweep, police say

14 people total were taken into custody on Sunday night

SAN ANTONIO – A 25-year-old woman has been charged with three counts of endangering a child after she was arrested as part of a police street racing initiative that targeted speeding drivers on Southeast Military Drive.

Police said Idalid A. Obregon was arrested along with 13 others on Sunday night.

"If you're driving that aggressively -- that recklessly -- You're putting their lives at danger," San Antonio Police Department spokesman Doug Greene said. "It's not a very responsible action to take, even if you're just in the car by yourself, but when you have 3 small children. So, the officers took immediate action in that particular situation and made an arrest."

Authorities released names and charges for six of the 14 people arrested

Alejandro Garcia Mendoza, 18 - Reckless driving
Mario Flores Jr., 21 - Reckless driving 
Quan Bach, 26 - Racing on highway
Idalid A. Obregon, 25 - Three counts of endangering a child
Christopher Ray Aranda, 17 - Reckless driving
Pablo Sandoval III, 27 - Racing on highway

Police said that the objective of the initiative was to save lives by stopping people from drag racing. The drivers placed themselves and others in immediate danger, police said.

According to the press release, the initiative took place on SE Military between Goliad Road and Interstate 37. Greene said people were also pulling into nearby parking lots, peeling out and doing doughnuts.

"People think if they engage in racing -- if they get stopped by police -- it's just going to be a ticket. No. This is a Class Misdemeanor violation. So, the officer is obligated to make an arrest. If you're engaging in racing, you will be arrested for that activity and your car will be towed."

Six people were arrested for racing and seven people were arrested on suspicion of reckless driving. One person received an additional charge of possession of marijuana, police said. All suspects had their vehicles

Police said the mother arrested had her three children inside the vehicle, adding that at some point, she accelerated to the point of breaking the traction on her tires.

Two citations were issued as part of the sweep, police said.

"I appreciate the police officers doing that," South Side resident Marol Guerrero said. "When the young people start to see that the police are now showing their presence, they may be deterred from doing childish things like this and endanger people and families."

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