Linda Benavides, wife of ex-SA attorney Mark Benavides, asks jury to 'please be fair'

Mark Benavides in sentencing phase of trial after trafficking conviction

FLORESVILLE, Texas – Closing arguments were set to begin Friday afternoon in the punishment phase of the trial for former San Antonio attorney Mark Benavides.

Benavides was found guilty Tuesday on six counts of continuous trafficking of persons.

Benavides was convicted of having sex with female clients in exchange for his legal services.

Linda Benavides, Mark’s wife, testified on Friday morning and asked the jury to “please be fair.”

She said she knew Benavides cheated, but said the couple have two children and she still supported him. 

Her testimony came a day after Benavides took the stand.

Benavides apologized Thursday and asked for forgiveness as he testified.

"I'm asking you to have mercy and give me the minimum," Benavides said while crying. "I'm so sorry. 

His mother, Olga Benavides, defended her son on the witness stand, saying she didn't think he was guilty of trafficking charges.

Benavides’ accusers testified during the first phase of the trial that Benavides would take them to a motel and record videos of those encounters.

Several women also testified that they would also have sex with Benavides in backrooms at the courthouse.

Benavides is facing a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison on each count.

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