People can now carry loaded shotguns, rifles in Balcones Heights

Officials repeal city ordinance banning carry of loaded long guns

BALCONES HEIGHTS – Balcones Heights city leaders did away with a city ordinance that made it illegal for people to walk or drive around with a loaded shotgun or rifle.

The ordinance has been on the books since 2009 and police Chief Darrell Volz said they had never had any issues with it, good or bad.

The action comes after Olmos Park and Alamo Heights city councils voted to do the same, following a confrontation between Olmos Park police and a member of Open Carry Texas, caught on video in March.

State law allows people to carry a loaded long gun without a permit.

Member of OCT Rick Brisco applauded the pro-active approach by Balcones Heights.

Volz said it is becoming increasingly difficult for officers to determine who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

“Our only concern is if we see someone on the street with a long gun, is he friend or foe?,” he said. “With everything that's happening nowadays, it’s a concern that we'll have to learn to deal with.”

The change goes into effect immediately.

Volz asked people to continue to remember the term, “See Something, Say Something,” and officers will respond with caution to investigate.

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