Mother speaks out after daughter fatally shot by boyfriend at NE Side apartment

Cameron Roby confessed to killing girlfriend Adrienne Dameron

SAN ANTONIO – A mother wants to raise awareness about domestic violence in relationships after her daughter was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend.

Cameron Roby confessed to accidentally killing his girlfriend Adrienne Dameron.

San Antonio police determined the shooting was not an accident and arrested him for murder.

Dameron’s mother, Gail Dameron, said she had no idea Roby could do something like that.

“We knew him,” said Dameron. “He seemed like a good guy. He would always say 'yes ma’am' and 'no ma’am' and he was so polite.”

Neighbors at the Park on Goldfield Apartments where the shooting took place said they had a different perspective of Roby.

“They were always arguing on a daily basis,” said a neighbor. “They would be screaming and it would be so loud. We always knew abuse was happening. We never saw it but we heard it all the time.”

That neighbor said she heard them arguing before she went to work Thursday morning.

Now she said she is just sad nothing was done sooner to stop the shooting from happening.

“I feel bad because I should have done something,” said the neighbor. “We all should have said something. That could have prevented all of this from happening. It just should have never gone that far.” 

Police said an argument is what led to the shooting. Dameron said she was at work when she got the devastating news from her grandson.

“He told me he saw Cameron being walked down the stairs in handcuffs so he ran upstairs to the apartment and when he ran up the stairs he saw his mother dead in the living room bleeding from the head,” said Dameron. “He told me he just started hitting Cameron before the police pulled him off of him. He is not in a good place right now.”

Before Thursday, Dameron said she never suspected Roby of being abusive but she realizes her daughter was trying to hide that from her.

“She had a black eye and she was always fighting but she just said she got into a fight with a girl. But her daughter told me that he hit her but she told us 'we couldn’t tell you,'” said Dameron.

She now believes the shooting was no accident at all.

“The guy that was in there when this all happened said he saw Cameron load a clip into a gun,” said Dameron. “You don't load an automatic weapon with a clip and accidentally shoot somebody. That does not happen. I was in the military. Then she was holding his 5-month-old baby at the time when he shot her so how could that be an accident?”

She said her daughter was on drugs for a while but was finally turning her life around. 

“She just got a job at the 7-Eleven,” said Dameron. “She was even reconnecting with her kids. She had gotten real close to her 16-year-old helping her get through high school.” 

Now that her daughter is gone, she wants her bruises to be a lesson to others.

“If you know somebody getting hurt,” said Dameron. “Tell somebody. Call them anonymously but tell somebody.”

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