Woman turns $18 bet into $1.2 million win at local race track

Woman placed bet on Kentucky Derby at Retama Park

Courtesy: Retama Park.

SELMA, Texas – A woman won big at the Retama Park Race Track on Saturday, turning an $18 bet on the Kentucky Derby into $1.2 million.

According to staff at Retama Park, the woman, who has not been named, correctly picked the top five horses in order of their finish.

The woman's pick five bet earned her $1.2 million. Retama Park staff posted a photo of the woman, who appeared eerily calm in the photo.

"Why does she look so calm? I'd lose my ****... (I'm just saying)," one person wrote.

The woman is taking home around the same amount as the team of the winning horse, Justify. Justify's winnings amount to $1.24 million. Good Magic and Audible finished second and third respectively, according to the Kentucky Derby website.