Secret Service, SAPD team up to warn and offer tips about gas pump skimmers

Gas stations have become common spot for stealing credit card information

SAN ANTONIO – The U.S. Secret Service has teamed up with the San Antonio Police Department to warn people about gas pump skimmers.

Law enforcement officials said people should make a habit of inspecting the pump before paying for gas. 

Gas stations have become a common spot for stealing credit card information since they are still using magnetic card readers.

On Thursday, the Secret service shared some tips on what you can look for at the pump.

“The main thing is to inspect the pump's components. There are a lot of gas stations that utilize the security tape, make sure that is intact and undisturbed,” said Paul Duran, special agent with Secret Service. “Look at the locking mechanism. Just anything that looks like the pump was tampered with.”

Duran also said people should wiggle or move the card reader at the pump to see if it’s loose, or possibly pay inside to be safe.

San Antonio police will work with gas stations around town to check pumps and remove any skimmers.

They will also talk to station owners about replacing some pumps to make them more secure.

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