Children suggest new name for Blue Bell's Great Divide in viral Facebook post

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A viral post about Blue Bell Ice Cream is giving social media lots of feels this week.

Traci Schmidley posted a photo of her children and some of their friends having an ice cream party Tuesday and the kids suggestion for a name change on one of Blue Bell’s iconic flavors.

The children all love Blue Bell’s cookies and cream flavor and The Great Divide.

"It’s a good flavor for parties because we can add a lot of unique toppings to it,” Schmidley wrote of the children’s discussion.

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But it got the kids wondering about the name of one of their favorite flavors. 

Some of the kids have lighter skin, others have darker skin and the group decided to write Blue Bell a letter with a suggestion for The Great Divide.

"We are all our own color and own flavor and there is no divide between us. We think we are all delicious in our own ways. So, we have a suggestion for a new name for your chocolate and vanilla ice cream flavor: BETTER TOGETHER!!”

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The reaction on the Facebook post in the comments section has been overwhelmingly positive.

The kids, with a little help from Schmidley, ended their letter by saying, "Thank you for taking the time to listen to our ideas. We love your ice cream. We think having a big bucket of Better Together chocolate and vanilla on dinner tables across the country will make our families and communities stronger than ever!”

The kids are still waiting for a reply from Blue Bell and still enjoying their favorite frozen treat.

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