Woman gets ex-boyfriend to kill current boyfriend after argument, deputies say

Enederia Flowers, 22, charged with murder


SAN ANTONIO – A 22-year-old woman is charged with murder after deputies say she had her ex-boyfriend kill her current boyfriend after the couple got into an argument.

Deputies said Enederia Cherelle Flowers and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Isiah Roper got into an argument hours prior to Roper being shot to death down the street from his home in the 6600 block of Clouds Point.

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Flowers, according to an affidavit, showed up at Roper's house early Wednesday morning with her ex-boyfriend. Court documents state Flowers got out of her ex-boyfriend's car with a knife, but Roper's sister tackled her to the ground and wrestled the knife out of her hand.


Witnesses told deputies that Flowers and Roper continued to argue in front of his home when Roper began to walk away, drawing Flowers and her ex-boyfriend away from his home. 

An arrest affidavit states Flowers' ex-boyfriend got into the driver's seat of the car and followed Roper up the street before Roper confronted Flowers' ex-boyfriend, saying, "What? You are going to shoot me?"

Roper's family told deputies they saw the confrontation as they were walking up the street and heard Flowers instruct her ex-boyfriend to shoot Roper. That's when family said Flowers' ex-boyfriend shot Roper in the torso.

The triggerman is not explicitly named in Flowers' arrest documents. 

Flowers and her ex-boyfriend drove off and Roper died at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Flowers was arrested by plainclothes investigators outside of the Bexar County Magistrate's Office Wednesday morning. It's unclear why she was in the area.

"Once they identified her as being a suspect, they had a team of deputies conducting surveillance on her and following her, ensuring nobody else was in danger," BCSO spokeswoman Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez said. "(They were) watching her, waiting until they could get that warrant signed."

Authorities have not arrested the gunman and encourage those with information in the crime to come forward and call the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6070.