SA home to unique facility training K-9s, handlers for airport security

TSA, law enforcement rely on local training facility at Lackland AFB

SAN ANTONIO – The next time you go visit an airport anywhere in the country, chances are you will look around and spot a security dog sniffing around, making sure the airport and flights are safe.

Another special treat: Odds are those K-9 units and their handlers were trained in town at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

State and federal law enforcement and Transportation Security Administration K9 units are trained at the unique facility with a 10-week hands-on program.

Why are you here?

"Security for passengers is priority No. 1, and the reason we come here is because this training environment is second to none," Connecticut State Trooper John Blalock said.

Blalock, the only state trooper in his training class, is surrounded by TSA agents and their K-9 partners from places like Dallas and even Puerto Rico.

"They’ve made it great here. The training is non-stop, they keep you busy and just learning how the dog functions. Keeps things interesting," Blalock said.

TSA and police K-9s go through the same training.

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