Former state senator convicted of fraud, who said he'd 'continue to fight,' drops appeal

Carlos Uresti received 12-year sentence for Ponzi scheme that stole millions


SAN ANTONIO – Four months after saying he'd "continue to fight" federal fraud charges, a former Texas state Senator has dropped the appeal of his conviction.

In February, Carlos Uresti was found guilty by a jury on charges he was part of a Ponzi scheme that stole millions of dollars from people who invested in a fracking sand company. In June, Uresti was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $6.3 million in restitution to his victims.

He surrendered his license to practice law and resigned from the Texas Senate, ending a 22-year career in politics.

"I always taught my family you never give up when you're right, and we're right so we're not going to give up," Uresti said in June.

By July, Uresti had filed an appeal of the case.

A court document filed Thursday brought that saga to an end.

"Other events have occurred which have led Mr. Uresti to decide not to pursue this appeal, independent of any assessment of the merits or non-merits of any appeal action. He has made that decision freely and voluntarily, and without fear of threats or coercion," the document said.

Earlier this month, Uresti pleaded guilty to bribery charges. He's expected back in court in January for sentencing in that case.