Gina Ortiz Jones poses with new members at House orientation despite trailing in votes


SAN ANTONIO – District 23 congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones was in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday for freshman orientation and the class picture, but she still hasn't been declared the winner in her district.

At last check, Ortiz Jones trailed incumbent Rep. Will Hurd by more than 1,000 votes.

It may seem unusual, but in a statement, Ortiz Jones’ campaign said she was invited by the Committee on House Administration.

Ortiz Jones' campaign released the following statement:

Gina Ortiz Jones was invited to new member orientation by the Committee on House Administration and, as her race is still ongoing, she will continue to put in the work to make sure Texans are well-represented—this means fully participating in orientation.

Hurd’s campaign released the following statement on the matter:

“Gina Jones attending orientation is an act of desperation that ignores the will of the voters and provides a convenient excuse to take a taxpayer-funded trip back home to Washington. She should immediately reimburse taxpayers for any expenses from this self-serving decision. Will Hurd has won this race and maintains a lead that is larger than the number of uncounted ballots in TX-23. While Gina Jones is pretending to be a new member of Congress and criticizing election officials, Will Hurd is continuing to fight for his constituents and do the job he has been elected to do three times by this district.”