Never plug space heater into power strip, SAFD warns


SAN ANTONIO – Temperatures are dropping, which means space heaters will be brought out once again and San Antonio Fire officials are warning people not to plug space heaters into power strips.

“You should never plug a space heater into a power strip or extension cord. The units are not designed to handle the high current flow needed and can overheat or even catch fire,” an SAFD spokesperson said.

The National Fire Protection Association said space heaters are responsible for 79 percent of home heating fire deaths.

In addition to not plugging a space heater into a power strip, the SAFD has more tips for space heater safety:

Temperatures are falling and home heaters will be coming on once again. Heating equipment is one of the leading causes...

Posted by San Antonio Fire Department on Monday, October 15, 2018


More tips from the NFPA include:

* Use and purchase portable space heaters with an automatic shut off so if they’re tipped over they will shut off.
* Place space heater on solid, flat surface.
* Inspect for cracked or damaged, broken plugs or loose connections. Replace before using.

The NFPA also reiterates that consumers should never use an extension cord or power supply and only plug space heater power cords directly into outlets.

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