Tech SA: UTSA engineering students showcase innovative projects at tech symposium

SAN ANTONIO – Engineering students were given the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects at the University of Texas at San Antonio 2018 Tech Symposium at the H-E-B Student Union Ballroom.

“We are really proud of this group of students that we have here at UTSA and believe they are battle-hardened and ready for industry,” said James Johnson, an associate professor at UTSA.

For two semesters, engineering students have been working on these products and technology in hopes of changing the industry.

Students will be graded on several things, including innovation and presentation skills. They will receive a class grade and will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes.

The project is special to student David Garza, who worked on technology for a wheelchair.

“My uncle is paraplegic and had a seizure one day. And he hit the joystick and his arm locked up, and he ended up hitting a wall,” Garza said.

Garza and his group created emergency power chair braking systems. They strategically placed sensors around the power chair to give the user the ability to stop in a timely manner.

“These students have been going to school for four years, have been doing all their technology, doing all their academic work. Here, they get to show everybody exactly what they can do,” Johnson said.

The symposium is designed to provide a public venue where students present advances achieved in their design projects to the community.  

Tech Symposium Winners

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