WATCH: Man sentenced to life in prison for murder struggles with deputies after verdict

Adrian Dunn fatally shot Rakim Charles during botched 2012 drug deal

SAN ANTONIO – A brief skirmish with deputies and a profanity-laced outburst marked the end of the murder trial of Adrian Dunn, an ex-con, Monday afternoon.

Dunn wrestled briefly with several Bexar County sheriff’s deputies as they tried to escort him from the courtroom after the jury sentenced him to life in prison.

On Friday, the jury found Dunn guilty of the July 16, 2012, murder of Rakim Tarik Charles, 24.

WATCH: Man sentenced to life in prison for murder struggles with deputies after verdict

Charles was shot once in the back in an apartment complex parking lot during what prosecutors said was a drug deal.

During closing arguments Monday, prosecutors told the jury that Dunn’s criminal record dictated a life sentence.

“He’s been to prison twice for possessing a firearm after this murder,” prosecutor Nicole Phillips told the jury. “He committed another shooting before this murder and he’s shown zero remorse.”

Holding the hand of Charles' mother, prosecutor Jason Goss asked the jury for a life sentence.

“So there will never be somebody like her son who has to suffer and his family has to suffer because of the defendant,” Goss said as he pointed to Dunn. “And that’s why we’re asking for a life sentence.”

A lesser sentence of from 35 to 40 years in prison would be more appropriate countered Dunn’s lawyer.

“That’ll give Adrian a chance to go into prison and try to make something of himself so that when he gets out, if he ever gets out, he can try to be an asset to our community,” defense attorney David Garcia said.   

After deliberating for about two hours, the jury’s decision was life in prison.

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