Father of kidnapped 8-month-old speaks from jail, disputes police accusations

Mother claims 'everybody is being cooperative' with police

SAN ANTONIO – The parents of 8-month-old King Jay Davila, who was kidnapped Friday, are speaking out against allegations that his father had something to do with his abduction.

“It is not right,” Christopher Davila said via phone Saturday while in custody on a charge of endangering a child.

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Davila spoke with KSAT while on the phone with his fiancé, Jasmine Gonzales.

“Since day one the police have been doing the same thing and they are not getting anywhere. Their focus is somewhere else. They just need to focus on where the car was located,” Davila said.

In a press conference Saturday afternoon, San Antonio police said Davila was uncooperative in the investigation and that his family members were as well.

“Everybody is being cooperative,” said Jasmine Gonzales, Davila’s fiancé and King Jay's mother. “They are the ones trying to push the issue, trying to get somebody to accuse somebody, to get that blame for that. Instead of trying to get someone into prison, they need to worry about finding my son. That is what they need to do.”

She said all of their family went to police headquarters and were questioned.

“They took us all in and we answered every question they had to ask,” Gonzales said. “They just wanted us to work against Chris and that wasn’t going to happen because he did nothing wrong.

"Then, when they saw I wasn’t budging on their accusation of him, they started questioning me as if I did something to my baby and had him cover it up.

"This is all just ridiculous because the more time they spend trying to accuse people of doing something they did not do, the more time they can be searching for my baby like they claimed they have been.”

Gonzales said she was on the phone with Davila moments before everything happened.

“We're always on the phone,” Gonzales said. “We're (on the phone) 24/7, even when we're at work. I was at work when I was talking to him and he said he was at his mom’s house with King Jay. He was going to pick him up from his grandparents.”

She said Davila stopped by the gas station to get some cigarettes.

“He asked if I wanted a scratch off and he went inside,” Gonzales said. “Yeah he made a mistake. He made a mistake by leaving the baby inside the car. We admit that that was wrong.”

Gonzales said she all of a sudden heard panic in Davila’s voice.

“He was, like, ‘F*** the car is gone!’ He freaked out and I was like ‘OK, hang up and call the cops!’ He did just that. He hung up on me and at that time I called the cops, too," Gonzales said. “They said they already sent two policemen there, and then all of a sudden they started accusing him.”

Surveillance video shows a woman walk onto the parking lot of the gas station and get inside the car Davila left unlocked and running by a gas pump. Police believe that he may have known that woman.

Gonzales and Davila said that is not the case.

“Who is that chick? Why did she go inside the vehicle? Obviously she was watching,” Gonzales said. “It is not that they were interacting. She was watching and saw there was a car and she went straight in.”

Gonzales said she is upset that they would paint Davila in such a false light.

“He is a loving father,” Gonzales said. “He made a mistake. We've talked about this. But he is so overprotective of all of his kids. We have 10 kids all together and I have never been with someone who loves their kids so badly, he misses them whenever he is not near them. He wants to be there always. We just bought our kids phones because he wants to have contact with them all the time. He is beyond a loving father.”

She said though he has a record, it has been years since he’s been convicted of anything.

“He literally just goes to work and home,” Gonzales said. “It has been so long since he has been to jail. He got his life together for his kids and he is even going through treatment to have his tattoos removed from his face and neck.”

She said they just want to see King Jay returned safely.

“His dad has been devastated by this entire situation,” Gonzales said. “He is more hurt for me because he knew how special King Jay was. I almost died having him. I had to have an emergency C-section for him. He could have died. The thought of that just hurts me now more than ever.”

Gonzales said she has started a search team of her own, searching the area the car the woman took and later abandoned near Rodriguez Park.

“You’re saying there’s cops out there and helicopters,” Gonzales said. “I’ve been out there with my family trying to find out where my son is at. We have been going underneath ditches and there’s nothing. I don’t see no cops at all. My son was lovable, just like his dad. He always smiled. He never was fussy. He has light brown hair that goes to the left sometimes and can go into a mohawk.”

She said she also wants this story to be a lesson for other families.

“Be careful,” Gonzales said. “Don’t judge people because they made a mistake. It happens. Just take care of your babies because you can never know what happen. Never leave your babies in the car. You just never know.”

The family said Davila has posted bail but is being held until his paperwork is processed. 

“I just want to say that it is messed up how police are handling this right now,” Davila said in the final moments of his phone call from jail. “They're not sending an Amber Alert out for my son. Their focus is somewhere else right now, and not on the main issue. Every judge I spoke to and every officer that I spoke to agreed that it's wrong what they're doing.”

Police said if you have any information on King Jay’s whereabouts, call 911 immediately.

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