Surrounding San Antonio cities cracking down on dockless scooters, bikes

Leon Valley, Kirby, Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights looking to regulate e-vehicles

SAN ANTONIO – While an attempt at a scooter solution is already in the works for San Antonio, New Braunfels has already placed a 90-day ban on dockless scooters in their area.

As dockless scooters and bikes continue to move into surrounding San Antonio cities, where do they stand on regulating them?

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KSAT talked with officials in several surrounding cities about their regulations and/or plans in place for the electronic vehicles.

"We have received numerous resident complaints about the scooters," Kelly Kuenstler, city manager of Leon Valley, said.

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From Leon Valley to Kirby, dockless scooters and bikes are now showing up in the surrounding cities, and local city leaders are taking steps to either regulate them or ban them completely.

KSAT has reached out to the following cities regarding the dockless e-vehicles: 

  • Olmos Park put in similar scooter regulations to San Antonio's in December of 2018
  • Leon Valley, Kirby and Alamo Heights are all in the process of making some type of regulations for dockless vehicles in the coming months
  • Terrell Hills currently does not have any rules in place

Kuenstler said the Leon Valley Police Department has started to impound improperly parked scooters.

"Just in the last couple of weeks, we've impounded 10 (scooters)," Kuenstler said.

The city will soon take steps to regulate them, Kuenstler said.

"I would assume that citizens are going to want the council to pass some type of legislation," Kuenstler said.

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In a City Council meeting Thursday, Kirby council members discussed getting rid of the dockless vehicles altogether, begging the questions, "Should we ban them? Should we allow them?"

Council members expressed concern over the lack of sidewalks in Kirby, saying scooters left on the street or being ridden on FM 78 could be potentially unsafe.

"Can you see a rocket scientist at 6 o'clock trying to go down 78?" council members said.

Kirby's City Council hopes to take action on whether to ban or regulate scooters by the end of March.

The city of Alamo Heights is also in the process of making regulations.

Because of the close proximity of Alamo Heights to San Antonio, Alamo Heights police Chief Richard Pruitt said there is probably no way they can ban dockless scooters or bikes.

Pruitt said a draft ordinance regulating them will be presented to the City Council on Feb. 25.

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