Community Bible Church employee fired after confessing to misconduct with minors, pastor says

'It is wrong and illegal,' lead pastor says of employee's conduct

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SAN ANTONIO – Community Bible Church lead pastor Ed Newton notified his congregation over the weekend that an employee had been fired after confessing to engaging in inappropriate behavior with "several minors" involved in the church's youth ministry program.

Newton said he could not name the alleged perpetrator, citing an ongoing investigation. Newton said that the misconduct was "limited to less than 10 victims," adding that one victim is too many.

According to Newton's recorded statement, which was posted to the CBC website Sunday, the part-time employee had allegedly communicated with the victims using social media platforms.

Interactions with one victim, which the now-fired employee had mentioned in their confession, "involved more than electronic communication," Newton said in his recorded statement. Newton condemned the actions as "wrong and illegal."


Newton said church officials notified law enforcement after the employee confessed.

Church officials said that they properly vetted the employee prior to his hiring, from conducting a background check, to interviewing the employee's references.

"There was absolutely no reason to believe that this person posed a risk," Newton said.

The individual was also issued a trespassing warrant and is not allowed on the church campus or allowed to attend any CBC-related events, Newton said.

Newton concluded his message by asking the community to pray for those who reported being victimized, as well as the accused employee.