Suspect who ran from police on NE side put up fight, had outstanding warrant

SAPD : Officers tried using Taser, physical force to take suspect into custody

SAN ANTONIO – An outstanding felony warrant may be what caused a man to lead San Antonio police officers on a high-speed chase and then put up a fight, police said.

Officers said they took Matthew Lopez, 27, into custody around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, but it wasn't easy.

Police said they used a Taser weapon on Lopez, but it didn't have an effect on him, so officers resorted to physical force to take him down.

"What we know now is that the person had a felony warrant and was in possession of a controlled substance," said Officer Carlos Ortiz, a police spokesman.

Police found several substances believed to be illegal drugs and some cash on Lopez, police said.

During the struggle with Lopez, two officers suffered some minor bruises.

Police believe Lopez initially had sped off from officers who tried to stop him after a minor accident in the area of Loop 410 and Broadway.

Witnesses told them that Lopez had pointed a gun at the other driver.

Instead of pulling over, Lopez drove off along the highway, topping out at speeds of about 100 mph, witnesses told police.

"The officers, I guess due to weather conditions, did not have a chase authorized but tried to follow that vehicle," Ortiz said. 
Soon after the officers backed off, they found out that Lopez's car had crashed on Interchange Parkway.

Lopez bailed out of the wreckage and ran, but officers found him walking nearby.

Police said Lopez ran to an alley near Loop 410 and Perrin Beitel, where he put up a fight before his arrest.

Investigators went back later and searched his car for additional evidence but did not find one key item.

"The officers that were at the scene investigating and have been processing the vehicle have not located a weapon in this case," Ortiz said. 

Lopez faces a list of new charges along with the warrant that triggered the chase.

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