Uber driver who was shot was working to save money for daughter's birthday, family says

Family asks for prayers as Kim Williams fights for life after shooting

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SAN ANTONIO – The family of an Uber driver who is fighting for his life in the hospital said they are happy an arrest has been made in the shooting investigation surrounding their loved one. However, they said their lives will never be the same.

Kim Troy Williams, 51, was shot twice in his abdomen after he picked up two customers who later attacked him. His injuries are serious.

“He had an emergency surgery for internal bleeding, reconstructive surgery and he is still in ICU,” said Amy Williams, his sister-in-law. “It has been a long rough journey because every surgery, there has been a hiccup. Something has always happened. Yesterday they had to stop and now we are waiting for a major surgery to take place Sunday to finish the reconstruction.”

Being one of four brothers, Kim Williams’s tight-knit family was by his side as soon as they got the call.

“It feels like a dream because it hasn’t set in yet,” said Makenzie Williams, Kim’s sister-in-law. “He was in a medically-induced coma when we first saw him. It was breathtaking. You always think that this is never going to happen to you. You always hear things and see stories. Then you walk in and see tubes and after his second surgery they couldn’t cover him up because he had overheated. He was cut from his abdomen and everything was open. You think you are prepared until you see your loved one laid up in a bed with tubes and you literally can see inside his stomach.”

Kim Williams is known by his family to be a very great man as well as a big teddy bear.

“He was a thoughtful guy,” said Adam Williams, Kim’s brother. “He was a hard worker. He has always been a really nice and quiet man. He didn’t say anything bad about anybody. It was just shocking and heartbreaking to see him in there unresponsive. It is a hard thing to see and deal with.”

They all gather together for many family functions including the wedding of Adam and Amy Williams, which was just a few weeks ago. Like most gatherings, Kim is normally behind a camera taking pictures.

“He does photography on the side,” Amy Williams said. “He is normally the quiet one at different gatherings. He is usually the one that just sits there and laughs at us. Like the observer. Then he would also be the one to go and play with the kids.”

Adam Williams said his brother had just worked a night shift at another job when he started driving for Uber. He said his brother was working to make extra money for his 8-year-old daughter's birthday.

Kim Williams’s shooting has affected his daughter the most.

“She spent last night with us,” Makenzie Williams said. “She was just tossing and turning. When she saw him today she lit up because she was able to see him with his eyes open. She said ‘I love you daddy,’ and even though he couldn’t talk because of the tubes, he mouthed the words ‘I love you too,’ and he was trying to hold her hand. He couldn’t smile but you can tell he lit up.”

The family said they are happy the arrest of Jesus Luna has been made, but are still devastated at the condition of their loved one.

"I don't feel sorry for him at all,” Makenzie Williams said. “I have no remorse for him. He was still there. He still knew what happened and he could have called the police at any time.”

“We are glad he is off the streets, but we are still in the middle of this fight for his life,” Amy Williams said. “He is still in the process of fighting for his life still. So it is a little relieving but in the back of your mind it still doesn’t change what they did to him. Our whole life has changed. His daughter’s life has changed. Even furthermore, the life of his loved ones has changed because of his poor decision and this selfish, senseless act.”

Makenzie Williams also added that Luna, who is 18, had no excuse for committing this crime.

“I saw a comment the other day that said, ‘It is so sad that he is so young.’ He knew what his actions were,” Makenzie Williams said. “He knew what he was doing. So young? What about his daughter who still may lose her dad? There is no telling what tomorrow holds. That is what is so sad and so young. Not an 18-year-old who knew what he was doing.”

As the family works to stay strong for Kim Williams, they hope this will be a lesson to others.

“Don’t take your family for granted,” Makenzie Williams said. “Go to those BBQs and spend time with people who love you.”

“Last time we saw each other like this was at my wedding during that great family function,” Amy Williams said. “Now we are here for this tragic situation but as long as we are together that is all that matters.”

The family said as they work to raise money for Kim Williams, who will be out of work for months with mounting hospital bills, they are asking everyone in the community to continue to pray for his recovery.

Though Luna is in custody facing an aggravated robbery charge, the second suspect is still at large. Anyone with information about the second suspect is urged to contact the Police Department's Robbery Task Force Unit at 210-207-0300.

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Japhanie Gray is a reporter with KSAT12 News.