Father keeps daughter's legacy alive by starting foundation to prevent child drownings

SAN ANTONIO – A local father is keeping his daughter's legacy alive by teaching others about water safety. 

The Miss Tristan Foundation was formed to prevent children from drowning and to keep 2-year-old Tristan Bryd's memory alive.

“It’s my hope that I never have to hear of another little kid drowning again and it’s my hope that this program saves lives," said Joe Byrd, Tristan's father.

Tristan snuck out of her family's home and fell into their pool March 25, 2016.

"Tristan got outside and got in the pool, and no one noticed. By the time we found her, it was too late," Byrd said.

Byrd said he tried to perform CPR, but Tristan never recovered and died. It's a day he said will forever haunt him.

“I couldn’t just sit around. I couldn’t do nothing. Tristan’s life has to mean something,” Byrd said.

Through the help of several organizations, Byrd started the Miss Tristan Foundation. The foundation gives free swimming lessons and also teaches both parents and children about water safety in a classroom setting.

"The classroom portion teaches the kids to not go around water without talking to their parents, to wear a life jacket. It teaches the parents to make sure to keep barriers up around the pool, alarms on your doors and gates, to make sure your child knows how to swim," Byrd said.

The Miss Tristan Foundation plans to help educate more than 450 preschool children.

For more information on the foundation, safety tips and information on how you can donate, click here.