Local group rallies to end domestic violence in light of recent murder

Josephine Ramos killed last week in shooting

SAN ANTONIO – A local group is calling for an end to domestic violence in the community after a woman was shot to death just over a week ago, allegedly by her husband, who was charged with murder and remains in custody.

The group called PEACE Initiative is trying to rally support on the city's South Side at the intersection of Goliad Road and Fair Avenue, where Josephine Ramos was gunned down. PEACE stands for "putting an end to abuse through community efforts.”

The group said they are alarmed by the number of women killed through domestic abuse in the community.

According to PEACE initiative, the murder of women in San Antonio and the Bexar County area reached record-breaking levels last year, closing at 28 women killed in family violence cases. They said so far this year, the numbers are not looking any better.

“We've got so many agencies and programs and law enforcement and all of these entities that are supposed to respond and be charged with making sure people get help. We're not doing a good job,”
said Patricia Castillo, with PEACE Initiative. “There are cracks, obviously. Otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing the numbers of killings that were seeing, so this is a concern of ours.”

The demonstrators said they want to send a message to the community that death caused by domestic violence cannot become a common day occurrence. They're asking witnesses to come forward and report any violence or domestic abuse.

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Stephanie Serna is a weekday anchor on Good Morning San Antonio and GMSA at 9 a.m. She joined the KSAT 12 News team in November 2009 as a general assignments reporter.