Your Questions Answered: San Antonio City Council District 10 candidates

SAN ANTONIO – Saturday, May 4, 2019, is the general election in San Antonio. All 10 city council district seats will be on the ballot.

This page will offer links to results for the City Council District 10 election in the May 4 San Antonio general election. 

Check back for the results. Go ahead and bookmark this page now so you have it ready on May 4 and 5, and beyond. 

Important Election Dates

Monday, April 22, 2019: FIRST day of Early Voting.  

Friday, April 26, 2019: Holiday - Municipal and County Offices Closed.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019: LAST day of Early Voting.

Saturday, May 4, 2019: Election Day

San Antonio City Council District 10 candidates:

  • Clayton Perry
  • Elise Kibler
  • Reinette King
  • Maria Perez
  • Llnda Montellano

Your Questions Answered!

We asked you to submit your questions for the San Antonio mayoral and city council candidates and you delivered. We received more than 300 questions in the last few weeks. We then asked you to vote on the submitted questions to help us select the top ones in each council race that you would like to have the candidates answer.

We sent those questions to the candidates and asked them to answer them by April 23. 

We are posting the answers we have received. They are posted unedited and as they were sent to us from the candidates. If there are candidates not included in the Q&A, it is because they have not responded.

Here are the top questions chosen by KSAT viewers/ readers followed by the answers from the candidates:

District 10 Candidates Questions:

  • A total of 50 votes were received.
  • Top vote recipients:
    1. "What is your plan on ensuring property taxes do not continue to rise at the current rate?" - Submitted by Bradley Schmitz (19 votes)
      • Elise Kibler: "The city needs to develop a homestead exemption to protect property owners.  We also need to reduce property tax rates which are among the highest in the nation.  Budget spending needs to be cut back and the budget gone through with a fine tooth comb.   We can only spend what is available.  I feel that developers should contribute towards new sidewalks and street development.   Less expensive methods of street maintenance need to be explored.   Business deals should not be made with a handshake under the table with someone that is financially supporting the elected officials.  We should only spend taxpayer money on projects and programs with a proven track record for evidence based success."
      • Linda Montellano: "Property tax has not been raised in some time but if a motion came before City Council to raise property tax I would definitely vote against it."
    2. "My concern and question to all candidates, by seeing how bothered citizens of this city have been with the current administration how do you plan to improve the city council closed door meeting and unjustified spending not approved by San Antonio citizens." - Submitted by Frank Garcia (16 votes)
      • Elise Kibler: "All city council meetings should be open door.  The city council should represent what is in the best interest of the community.  There are too many city council members receiving money from building and engineering PACS as well as the firefighter's union.  Special interest groups should have no role in how our taxpayer's money is spent.  All expensive projects proposed by city council should allow for news exposure and neighborhood meeting exposure prior to voting.  We need to allow citizens to provide feedback on how their tax money is spent."
      • Linda Montellano: "I don't believe in closed door meetings. City Council is elected by the people to make decisions and govern. I think if they don't like what the current administration is doing then they should vote them out."
    3. "Do you feel the Chief of Police William McManus is doing the best job for San Antonio, if so please explain the violent crime rate being above the national average?" - Submitted by Bradley Schmitz (5 votes)
      • Elise Kibler: "I feel that Mr. McManus is doing the best he can with the resources he has available.  Violent crime is high here due in part to a significant gang presence in the city as well as high rates of untreated mental illness and substance abuse.   The city of San Antonio also has some of the highest poverty rates and income disparity in the state.  Addressing these social problems will help reduce violent crime.  Offering youth legal and less violent alternatives to gangs will help reduce gang violence.  These youth are seeking social inclusion and acceptance in unproductive ways.  The City of San Antonio needs to invest more time and money in our at risk youth to keep them on a career track and off the streets.  Doing so will reduce violent crime and overall save money for the city."
      • Linda Montellano: "Technology has enabled the police to arrest defendants at a much higher rate then before. More arrests affect the crime statistics. That is why it appears crime rate is high when it actually is not."
    4. "Mayor Nirenberg has not taken the lead in pursuing a new ballpark for the AAA San Antonio Missions baseball team. Where do you stand regarding a downtown ballpark, that can provide a more centralized location benefiting district 10 with travel time to/from ballgames.?" - Submitted by James Hudson (5 votes)
      • Elise Kibler: "I would support a new ballpark for the AAA San Antonio Missions team.  This would have a positive impact on tourism in the downtown area."
      • Linda Montellano: "Being the sports fan that I am the idea sounds great. Although if such a plan were put into motion I would most certainly address the transportation issue for district 10. Making it more convenient and affordable for district 10 being that its far from the downtown area."

Here is a list of other questions that were submitted.