Your Questions Answered: San Antonio City Council District 3 candidates


SAN ANTONIO – Saturday, May 4, 2019, is the general election in San Antonio. All 10 city council district seats will be on the ballot.

This page will offer links to results for the City Council District 3 election in the May 4 San Antonio general election. 

Check back for the results. Go ahead and bookmark this page now so you have it ready on May 4 and 5, and beyond. 

Important Election Dates

Monday, April 22, 2019: FIRST day of Early Voting.  

Friday, April 26, 2019: Holiday - Municipal and County Offices Closed.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019: LAST day of Early Voting.

Saturday, May 4, 2019: Election Day

San Antonio City Council District 3 candidates:

  • Rebecca Viagran
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Campos

Your Questions Answered!

We asked you to submit your questions for the San Antonio mayoral and city council candidates and you delivered. We received more than 300 questions in the last few weeks. We then asked you to vote on the submitted questions to help us select the top ones in each council race that you would like to have the candidates answer.

We sent those questions to the candidates and asked them to answer them by April 23. 

We are posting the answers we have received. They are posted unedited and as they were sent to us from the candidates. If there are candidates not included in the Q&A, it is because they have not responded.

Here are the top questions chosen by KSAT viewers/KSAT.com readers followed by the answers from the candidates:

District 3 Candidate Questions:

  • A total of 54 votes were received.
  • Top vote recipients:

  • "What do you plan to do to combat the severe homeless problem in the SE Military and Goliad area? It seems that the area is thriving but is set back by the homeless that live under the bridge and surrounding areas, constantly bothering shoppers and causing issues with businesses." - Anonymous submission. (29 votes)
    • Rebecca Viagran: “One of the things we have been doing since last year has been a pilot program for our District 3 Homeless Encampment Out Reach Program. We’ve identified the growing homeless population not just in district 3 but city wide has been an issue and that area of Military and Goliad has been one that has seen a lot of traffic with homeless encampments. What we’ve been doing since last year since we started the pilot program--- we are partnering with SAPD, HOPE team, the homeless operations team. We are also working with our mental health unit of SAPD. We work with our Solid Waste Management as well as Haven for Hope and Development Services. What we do is we go out there and talk to individuals, we ask them if they need services or if they would like to go to Haven. If they do not want to go to Haven, we are going to have to clean up any of those encampments. Since the last year we were the first ones that piloted that and now other districts are taking our program and trying to replicate it in other areas. What we also do is address other things like aggressive panhandling or if they have warrants our officers are ticketing and taking them off the streets. It’s a complex issue because it has to do with mental health, it has to do with drug addiction as well. But we are trying to look at it in a holistic manner. We also have a faith based initiative group where faith based communities are now coming with helping meet their needs, or working on getting their IDs recovered. So we are trying to look at this issue in many different directions."
    • Elizabeth "Liz" Campos: 'Combatting the homeless problem needs to be addressed with strength in collaboration. The City and County both partner with providing funding to a variety of non-profit organizations that aim to aid the homeless. There are also many community partners who provide services that the homeless can benefit from but there has been a lack of leadership with respect to bridging the gap and fixing the breakdown in communication. Many people don’t know there are resources out there to help them with substance abuse, mental health, physical health, residence, and employment. We need to really get out into the community to identify those who need help and get them the assistance that can help them become contributors into our community."
  • "Are you going to vote on items that's good for the community even if the rest of council voted against it, I have heard you sort of change your view after seeing the other members are against the item." - Anonymous submission (7 votes)
    • Rebecca Viagran: "I am going to vote on items that are good for the community because what I want to make sure to do is take in all input especially from residents in my district. And also especially people go to council meetings and they express their viewpoints day of. So we want to make sure that it is going to be helpful for all of our community."
    • Elizabeth "Liz" Campos: "When it comes to items the Council will discuss and vote on, I will make sure my District knows what is going on so they can have an opportunity to let me know their viewpoint. I am running to represent an entire, diverse District and I will vote for my District even if it goes against the grain. I will not cowardly abstain as I have witnessed my opponent do too often over the past six years. As a leader, we must lead and that includes taking a position on issues and owning it."
  • "What are you doing to increase the police patrols in the neighborhoods too many burglaries in the day time no officers pass by in the alleyways to to past by burglars hate unannounced patrols do something about it!!" - Anonymous submission (6 votes)
    • Rebecca Viagran: “I’m very proud to have championed getting more SAFFE officers (San Antonio Fear Free Environment) police officers into district 3 this fiscal year budget. I will continue to champion getting a police substation in district 3. I was the one championing that this past fiscal year budget and I am so excited that more neighborhood associations are coming on board to make our issue to the mayor and city manager that we need a police substation in district 3."
    • Elizabeth "Liz" Campos: "When elected, I will make sure our police officers and firefighters both have the personnel staffing and resources they need to protect our families and communities. I will also make sure there is an increase in community policing programs and make sure SAFFE officers needs are enhanced."
  • Here is a list of other questions that were submitted.