Your Questions Answered: San Antonio City Council District 7 candidates

SAN ANTONIO – Saturday, May 4, 2019, is the general election in San Antonio. All 10 city council district seats will be on the ballot.

This page will offer links to results for the City Council District 7 election in the May 4 San Antonio general election. 

Check back for the results. Go ahead and bookmark this page now so you have it ready on May 4 and 5, and beyond. 

Important Election Dates

Monday, April 22, 2019: FIRST day of Early Voting.  

Friday, April 26, 2019: Holiday - Municipal and County Offices Closed.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019: LAST day of Early Voting.

Saturday, May 4, 2019: Election Day

San Antonio City Council District 7 candidates:

  • Will McLeod
  • Trevor Whitney
  • Ana Sandoval
  • Kimberly Grant

Your Questions Answered!

We asked you to submit your questions for the San Antonio mayoral and city council candidates and you delivered. We received more than 300 questions in the last few weeks. We then asked you to vote on the submitted questions to help us select the top ones in each council race that you would like to have the candidates answer.

We sent those questions to the candidates and asked them to answer them by April 23. 

We are posting the answers we have received. They are posted unedited and as they were sent to us from the candidates. If there are candidates not included in the Q&A, it is because they have not responded.

Here are the top questions chosen by KSAT viewers/ readers followed by the answers from the candidates:

District 7 Candidate Questions:

  • A total of 55 votes were received.
  • Top vote recipients:

  • "What are you going to do to lower our property taxes? A lot of our taxes go to the school district, Some of us have no kids, where else can you get money for the school district?" - Submitted by Diana (16 votes)
    • Will McLeod: "Thanks for your question Diana.  As someone who has no kids by choice, I understand your frustration concerning this important issue. A good start is to start a referendum and if elected as your City Councilman, I would strongly support and get the ball rolling on repealing the Pre-K for SA sales tax.  Thus allowing the independent school districts to choose to allocate the dollars that they already have to fund Pre-K.   Since school districts are an entirely different political subdivision than that of municipal or county government, it would be up to the voters to elect more fiscal conservatives to the school board." 
    • Trevor Whitney: "The state of Texas is currently revolutionizing school finance, and I am encouraged by the potential of capping the rate of growth of taxes collected by municipalities AND school districts. I support state funding of public education, school choice for residents who seek charter schools or other options, and am in support of evaluating all other options to limit the drastic tax increases that we have seen."
    • Ana Sandoval: "One thing that I’m doing and can help them right now is teaching them how to go to the appraisal district and get a fair appraisal."

  • "Taxes are out of control. I want a Prop 13 like change here. Will you vote for drastic tax reform, and give me back my hard earned money?" - Submitted by Keith Cunningham (16 votes)
    • Will McLeod: "Thank you Keith Cunningham, I would vote for every proposal that includes tax reform.  But I need to have 5 other members on the dias agree with me.  You are more then welcome to get out to the polling places and hand out literature marking the candidates that you feel are the best choices in lowering taxes, that are fiscally conservative."
    • Trevor Whitney: "I intend to propose a $25,000 homestead exemption on the City proportion on property taxes on Day 1 as Councilman. San Antonio is the only major Texas city that does not offer this tax break to residents. Additionally, San Antonio collected $13M in excess tax revenue in 2018 alone, but no refunds were given to residents. We can cut taxes today and not even touch existing city budgets for services such as police and fire protection. I am open to more opportunities to end the tax abuse of citizens in San Antonio, as affordability is the #1 threat to the long-term viability of our city."
    • Ana Sandoval: "We sat down with all the district superintendents because that’s where our property taxes go and we went to the state legislature and we asked the state to pay their fair share on education."
  • "Do you support Chick-Fil-A at the airport?" - Anonymous submission (14 votes)
    • Will McLeod: "Yes, Yes, and Yes!!! When I was younger, I used to eat there almost everyday (except on Sundays, of course) the incumbent would rather have kale, or a taqueria. We have way too many taquerias in San Antonio but I don't want to ban them!!! I promise you, I would ban the airport airing CNN because they are fake news!!!"  
    • Trevor Whitney: "I am 100% opposed to the actions that Council took (twice) to bar Chick Fil A from the airport concessions contract based on the religious affiliation of the family who owns the company. This action is blatantly unconstitutional under the 1st Amendment and will result in San Antonio being sued by both the State of Texas and the US Department of Justice. These lawsuits will be paid for by the taxpayers, not the officials who were negligent in their duties. This action also violates Council's own non-discrimination ordinance (NDO). 

      Also, the decision was not about chicken or cash flow- specifically, religious beliefs that do not align with LGBT beliefs was the original reason cited for the vote. This action sets a horrible, discriminatory precedent that chills the average citizen, who is left wondering if their political activities, group memberships, or faith allegiances will prevent them from being employed by the City or from competing for City contracts. We must protect legal, sincerely held religious beliefs from members of ALL faiths."

    • Ana Sandoval: "This is really an opportunity for us to revisit how we make those decisions and how we can improve that."

  • Here is a list of other questions that were submitted.