Try yoga on a floating mat in the Hill Country

SUP Yoga classes every Thursday at Boerne Lake

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SAN ANTONIO – Have you ever thought about what it would be like to stand on water? Tucked away in the Hill Country, Boerne Lake offers a chance to float and become one with nature through yoga on a paddleboard.

This variation of yoga is known as SUP Yoga and it engages the core muscles, improving your balance.

Local SUP Yoga instructor Connie Lozano says no experience is necessary. One must simply be willing to go with the flow.

"If you have a deep-seated fear of the water, it's probably not for you," Lozano said.

For Ginger Barnes, SUP Yoga was her first experience with the exercise.

"It's the most relaxing yet rewarding thing I do. I never thought I could do it," Barnes said. "I never did yoga until I got on a paddleboard."

Barnes says this form of yoga helps her stay active and healthy, all while having fun.

"You don't have to remind yourself to engage your core because you have if you're standing on the board, your core is engaged," Barnes said.

The group meets at the shore of Boerne Lake every Thursday, dressed in comfortable clothing or swimsuits. Each participant receives a paddleboard from Hill Country Paddle Sports, as well as a reminder from Lozano to enjoy all aspects of the experience, including when you fall into the water.

"I will suggest poses, and I will suggest ideas," Lozano said. "All of (the suggestions are) optional except for the breath, because that's the connection to yourself and that's the yoga."

For more information or to sign up for SUP Yoga at Boerne Lake, visit Lozano's website here.