Local company comes to disabled man's rescue

Way cleared to restore power to man's home

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SAN ANTONIO – When Albert Davila first saw the huge branches that had crashed down on the power line to Richard Rodriguez's house, he said, "It was a little overwhelming to see the damage that had been caused by these monster limbs."

He said the electric meter had shorted out when the line fell, sending sparks flying.

"Luckily, the house didn't catch fire," Davila said.

Davila, who is the owner of a successful electric company, should know. When Rodriguez, a diabetic with an amputated leg — and on a limited income — was told it is his responsibility to remove the tree so that CPS Energy could restore his power, he found Davila's company.

Davila said when he and his employees saw Rodriguez in his wheelchair, learned of his medical problems — and that Rodriguez's mother had died last year — they knew they had to help.

"I admire the man. He's tough. He doesn't complain," Davila said. "He just wanted somebody to come out here and look at the situation."

Davila and his crew of volunteers not only repaired the electrical panels outside Rodriguez's home, they spent Wednesday clearing the way in the badly overgrown backyard for CPS Energy to put up its power line.

Davila said he expects CPS Energy to restore power on Thursday.

"Oh, it's amazing!" Rodriguez said.

He said there's no way he could have done what they did by himself.

Davila said if anyone would like to help with repairs to Rodriguez's home, they can call Davila Electric at 210-436-1551.

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