SAPD says no shooter at Ingram Park Mall; fight prompted temporary lockdown

Police said a fight inside the mall led to a temporary lockdown

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police said Sunday afternoon that a fight inside Ingram Park Mall sparked a temporary lockdown at the mall.

Some people on social media were reporting an active shooter, but police say there was no firearm involved, no injuries have been reported and there is no threat to the public.

Police said five women were fighting near a store inside the mall when chairs fell over, creating noises that some mistook for gunfire.

"There were loud pops and things of that nature going on," a lieutenant at the scene said. "It just created a general panic."

The officer said an individual with a concealed handgun license drew his weapon, thinking there was an active shooter at the mall.

The confusion came as local residents' nerves are on edge less than a day after the second mass shooting in weeks in Texas.


“There is NOT an active shooter at Ingram Park Mall. There was a report of a fight inside. The mall was locked down temporarily but is now open. There are no injuries and no threats to the public. Officers will still be on scene investigating," the San Antonio Police Department tweeted at 3:37 p.m. on Sunday.



Some viewers reached out to KSAT on social media to ask whether there was a shooter before police posted the information.

Similar confusion involving the same mall was prompted in the hours following a mass shooting in El Paso at the beginning of August.

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Kolten Parker is digital executive producer at KSAT. Previously, he worked at the San Antonio Express-News and the Texas Observer.