What's Up South Texas!: Pastor encourages those in need to never give up

SAN ANTONIO – A woman who has dedicated her life to following God’s purpose has impacted thousands of people in need by serving them physically, mentally and spiritually.

Six days a week, Shetigho Nakpodia, pastor of Redeemer’s Praise Church, has a busy schedule.

“I do free counseling because I got a master’s in counseling from UTSA,” Nakpodia said. “People always come inside the church. I offer prayer. I give out food, clothing, and sometimes I visit hospitals and nursing homes to pray for people.”

She said Saturdays are her busiest days.

“Starting from 6 in the morning to about 4 or 6 o’clock in the evening we are working,” Nakpodia said. “We take in food, we cook the food, we load the food up and go out into the community to give the food to the homeless. The community comes to have a bible study first and then we go serve.”

Nakpodia said they cook for at least 300 people each Saturday.

“Unfortunately, the need is so big, we still have to go home without feeding some people so that’s sad,” Nakpodia said. “We then come back, clean up, pray and go. Sunday I am back at it again with pastries and coffee and then service.”

Every day but Monday, Nakpodia is at the church.

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