'Money: It's Personal' — Car rental fees to account for before hitting the road this holiday season

SAN ANTONIO – The holidays are right around the corner and that means more people will be hitting the streets to visit family by air, bus or by car.

If you want to rent a car before your holiday excursion, there are some fees you may want to factor in to avoid any surprises before hitting the service counter.

The Federal Trade Commission is providing tips on which fees to keep in mind.

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First, rental companies will more than likely add taxes to your bill. These can be city, county and/or state taxes, and they may vary by location.

Next, watch out for early or late return fees. We all know what happens if you turn in your rental vehicle late and you don't want to be stuck paying more for something you can avoid. But did you know some companies may charge a fee for turning in your rental too early? Check with the company to see if this applies to you.

Other fees to look out for are airport rental surcharges, fuel charges for not refilling the tank, fees for taking the rental out of state or fees for equipment rentals for things such as navigation systems or car seats.

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Some companies may charge for adding drivers other than yourself to your contract or may add fees for dropping off the rental at a location other than where you picked it up.

Lastly, don't forget about tolls. Ask your rental company about its policy on how toll fares are charged to your account.

For more tips from the FTC, click here.

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