Texas man says his 'psychotic cow' almost killed him

ALVIN, Texas – Greg Nolen is lucky to be alive after his cow, Bellvia, almost killed him in September.

"She can be a little bit psychotic," Nolen said of his bovine.

According to KTRK, this isn't the first time Bellvia has attacked her owner.

Nolen said the second attack, however, left him in a hospital for two and a half weeks with broken ribs, punctured lungs and what he referred to as a destroyed spleen.

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"She's turned into a lot meaner and more crazy animal (after having a calf)," Nolen told KTRK.

He credits his life to Sabrina Smith, a woman who rents part of the property from Nolen, who said, "If she wouldn't have been here, I would have died."

Bellvia is still on the farm and will continue to be cared for.

Nolen said he doesn't believe she'll change and she will continue to be aggressive.

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She was previously used for stock shows as a heifer but Nolen now plans to use her for breeding, according to KTRK.

Nolen said the lesson to be learned in this situation is to be mindful of cows because they can be dangerous.

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