Haven for Hope working to bring shelter to homeless people ahead of plunging temperatures

Staff members distributing warm clothes

SAN ANTONIO – Staff members at Haven for Hope are bracing for the cold snap ahead and trying to bring warmth to as many homeless people as they can.

Ron Brown, director of outreach for the organization, hit the streets Wednesday to hand out gloves, socks, hand warmers and coats to the homeless. He ran out quickly.

“We’ve seen some people that have just about frozen when it’s really cold,” he said.

Brown is also telling homeless people living on the streets that the days ahead will bring cold rain and chilly temperatures, in hopes that they will head to Haven for Hope for shelter. But he said in the end, some people decide to brave the elements.

“It’s not a snap of the finger because of the individual rights, and it’s their choice to be out here,” he said.

Until the end of March, Haven for Hope will open its shelters to those who usually sleep in the courtyard.

CEO Kenny Wilson said that, Tuesday night, there were about 700 people at the shelter, and there’s room for more. He also urged people to donate gently used or new coats, hats, gloves, socks and hand warmers.


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