KSAT Kids: Why do we have Daylight Saving Time? History of the River Walk


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Here's what can be found on KSAT Kids for Friday, November 15: 


VIDEO: Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?

The clocks have been turned back an hour for most Americans. KSAT 12 Meteorologist Sarah Spivey explains what Daylight Saving Time is, and why we even have it.

VIDEO: How do you fly a drone? KSAT meteorologist Kaiti Blake learns at free drone school

How do you fly a drone? Are they spying on us? What are drones used for? KSAT meteorologist Kaiti Blake set out to get answers about unmanned aerial vehicles. To view the video, click above.

Future artists flourish in after school program

You know Blue Star Contemporary for its collection of art in Southtown. However, the museum also offers a unique after school program for budding artists. The program, called MOSAIC, is offered to local high school students interested in growing their artistic abilities. Students spend up to nine hours a week after school at the MOSAIC gallery, located right next door to Blue Star Contemporary. Click above to view.


River Walk history, impact; Why it was nearly covered with cement

The origins of the San Antonio River Walk date back to the 1920s, when disaster struck South Texas. The San Antonio River flooded in 1921, taking numerous lives. Plans were developed for flood control along the river, but those plans included cementing and covering the River Walk site. A group of women and a visionary San Antonio architect came up with an idea to save the area.

Colonial rule in SA: Here's some interesting facts about Spanish Governor's Palace

The Spanish Governor's Palace stands today in the heart of downtown San Antonio as one of the last visual remnants to the Spanish Colonial days in the early 18th century. Here are a few interesting facts and information about the building.

Unique Texas town names: Eagle Pass, Quemado, Quihi

It is time, once again, to ask the question: How did that Texas town get its name? We begin the journey at Fort Duncan, which sits near downtown Eagle Pass. Then, just north of Eagle Pass sits the small town of Quemado. And finally, one hundred miles to the east sits the town of Quihi. It is home to the famous Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall. 


Community Gallery: Show us your fun fall pictures

We love fall! We want to see your fun fall pictures. We'd love to see some pictures with you in fall leaves, from this year or from previous years. Upload them into our community gallery, and we may use them on air.

Here's some additional content you might enjoy: 

Teacher showcase

San Antonio teacher creates replica Whataburger as play area for classroom

One teacher in the Edgewood Independent School District is cooking up a special order of learning. Teacher Javier Rubio built a replica of a Whataburger restaurant as a play area for his students at Cardenas Early Childhood Center. The creative, orange-filled play area includes a kitchen, cash register, food and tables. Carissa Valdez, social media and marketing analyst for Edgewood, said Rubio created the play center as a way for students to learn vocabulary, social skills and mathematics.

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