Texas homeowner kills wild hog with crossbow after it charges him on his porch

MONTGOMERY, Texas – A homeowner in Montgomery County shot and killed a wild hog with a crossbow after it charged him in front of his home.

The man, who didn’t want to be identified, said the hog was caught on his home’s surveillance camera going after his dogs around 4 a.m. Wednesday.

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The dogs started barking and when he and his wife went to see what was going on the hog charged them, according to CNN Newsource.

The couple made it back inside before the hog slammed into the backdoor several times, breaking a fish pond, according to the homeowner who grabbed a crossbow from his garage.

After the homeowner suspected the hog was gone he went to check the perimeter of the home and came upon the hog again.

“It was still standing on the front porch, and so when he saw me, I mean, it’s something like out of a movie. The pig just came running straight at me," he said.

When the hog charged him the man shot and killed the hog with the crossbow, CNN Newsource reported.

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Feral hogs have been a nuisance for many Texas residents, digging up grass and rooting for food.

The hunting of feral hogs without a license became legal in Texas Sept. 1, 2019 after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 317.

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