’Pretty vicious’ 271 lb. boar caught in Northwest Side neighborhood

Man said boar had horrific growl that could be heard at night

SAN ANTONIO – A 271-pound feral boar was caught Monday on a residential property on the Northwest Side after terrorizing the potbelly pigs of the man who lives there.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, rents the home and told KSAT the massive boar jumped a fence and attacked one of his two potbelly pigs so he called 311 and was referred to Roland Ortiz.

Ortiz, owner of Ortiz Game Management, LLC, was then called by the renter to trap the animal, which had become a danger to the residents in the area.

“We haven’t had issues with hogs on our land before but people in my neighborhood have,” the renter told KSAT.

Ortiz set up a metal cage on the renter’s property to trap the boar but a deer got caught in the trap instead.

Killing of feral hogs without license now legal in Texas

That was enough for the boar who showed up again Monday and that’s when the renter called Ortiz again to trap the beast.

Ortiz was out on another called and enlisted the help of the Bexar Brothers who "went out there and took care of the problem.”

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