TSA agents find several weapons taped to passenger’s leg before flight

Man tried to board flight in Hawaii with butterfly knife, collapsible baton, knife concealed inside a comb

HONOLULU – Transportation Security Administration agents recently confiscated several weapons taped to a man’s leg, officials said.

According to a report by Hawaii News Now, the discovery was made when a traveler tried to board a flight in Honolulu, Hawaii.

TSA agents at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport were conducting a routine screening when they found a butterfly knife, a collapsible baton and a knife concealed inside a comb, all taped to a passenger’s leg underneath his pants, the report said.

A photo shared by TSA Pacific shows the butterfly knife still taped above the man’s ankle, under his jeans. Additional photos show the other weapons.

“Why didn’t he just check these?” the agency said in a tweet.

Sharp objects, including knives, are prohibited in carry-on luggage, but permitted in checked bags when properly sheathed or wrapped. The baton would also be permitted in checked luggage, the report said.

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