BCSO patrol deputy at center of strip search scandal kept job after similar incident at the jail

Deputy Floyd Berry suspended 10 days after having female jailer film strip search of male inmate

Deputy Floyd Berry was suspended in 2010 for making a female jailer film a strip search of a male inmate.
Deputy Floyd Berry was suspended in 2010 for making a female jailer film a strip search of a male inmate. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A veteran Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested in connection to a string of road side strip searches had previously been suspended while working at the jail after ordering a female jailer to film a strip search of a male inmate, according to county records released to the KSAT 12 Defenders.

Deputy Floyd Berry, 49, was suspended 10 days in October 2010 following the incident, which left the female detention officer feeling “uncomfortable” and “embarrassed,” records show.

Berry, an 18-year veteran of BCSO, remains free on bond after being charged Dec. 7 with three counts of official oppression.

Affidavit: Bexar County deputy ‘sexually aroused’ during improper strip searches

He is accused of forcing women to remove their clothing and allow him to search their private areas following traffic stops.

Investigators have been provided evidence in at least six cases and believe there could be more victims who have yet to come forward, according to a warrant for Berry’s arrest.

Berry is on administrative leave pending a proposed termination, a BCSO spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

A history of trouble

Berry’s civil service file describes a deputy who was able to rise to the rank of detention sergeant in 2008, less than seven years after joining BCSO.

Berry, however, was then involved in a number of serious misconduct incidents, records show.

In September 2010, Berry had a five-day suspension shortened to two days after an internal investigation found that months earlier during a Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) exam he answered “Dumb Poor Mexican,” when asked what the acronym DPM stood for.

The correct answer was Digital Power Magazine, which is a battery for a stun gun.

Weeks later, in October 2010, Berry was suspended 10 days for the strip search incident.

According to his personnel file, Berry ordered a female jailer to use a video camera to record the upper body of a male inmate who had just been moved to a new area.

Berry later told a supervisor he did not see anything wrong with making the female officer record the search, since Berry and a second male deputy blocked her view of the inmate’s genitals, according to records.

The investigation also found that Berry ordered the female jailer to change her report to remove any mention of the inmate being strip searched and filmed.

BCSO policy requires that strip searches be conducted in a private area by an officer of the same sex.

A year later, in December 2011, Berry was served an order of dismissal for failing to take action when he witnessed a jailer use excessive force on an inmate.

Berry did not allow medical personnel to immediately examine the inmate even though he had just seen the jailer use a leg sweep on him, elbow him in the head and knee him in the back of the neck, records show.

Berry was formally terminated in January 2012 but won reinstatement in September of that same year, according to his personnel file.

In July 2013, Berry was suspended five days after using his personal vehicle to pull over a car he believed to be driving recklessly on Interstate 10. The incident came to light after the person in the other vehicle turned out to be another BCSO deputy.

Sheriff Javier Salazar did not respond to a request to be interviewed for this story.

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