Family seeks answers in disappearance of 81-year-old man

Pete Paez Carreon suffers from Alzheimer's

By Katrina Webber - Crime Fighters Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Relatives of a man who has Alzheimer's and wandered away from his home in far South Bexar County are desperate to find him.

Pete Paez Carreon, 81, was last seen at home Friday night.

His daughter, Nancy Santacruz, said her family first noticed around 3 a.m. Saturday that Pete Carreon was gone.

The father of seven has Alzheimer's and other health problems, but left home without his much-needed medication, relatives said.

"By right now, it would be worse because he hasn't taken his pills, his medication," Santacruz said.

The family has spent countless hours working with Bexar County sheriff's deputies, searching the neighborhood on their own and posting flyers in the area. As of Tuesday morning, they had no idea where their loved one might be.

"We miss him," said Esperanza Carreon, his wife of more than 40 years. "I can't stand it anymore."

The family has also used social media, such as Facebook, in hopes of generating some leads.

Santacruz said although several people who believe they've seen him and have sent photos to her cellphone, none of them proved to be her missing father.

While she did find a neighbor whose surveillance cameras record activity on the road near her home, the cameras didn't capture any photos of Pete Carreon.

Santacruz said she suspects her father may have walked off the property by a back road and then caught a ride with someone who unwittingly picked him up.

"It was drizzling that day," she said. "Maybe they just thought he needed a ride."

What she and her family want most are answers. 

Anyone with information on Pete Carreon's whereabouts is asked to call the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6000.


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