Records reveal another allegation against SAPD officer charged with stalking

Officer suspended for failing to report July 2018 allegation

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police suspension records uncovered a new domestic violence allegation against Officer Kenneth Moreno, who was arrested in May on suspicion of stalking.

Officer Ronaldo Segovia received a 30-day suspension notice in October after investigators discovered Moreno’s ex-girlfriend told Segovia on July 22, 2018, that Moreno assaulted her at her home. Segovia was off-duty when he was told about the allegation.

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“The Administration alleges that Officer Segovia did not promptly report the criminal offense through proper channels,” according to Segovia’s suspension notice.

“We are investigating all incidents related to this case and the investigation is ongoing,” a police spokesperson said about the allegations against Moreno. “Unfortunately, we cannot comment further as this remains an active case.”

Segovia was also suspended indefinitely in an unrelated case, according to the records. Segovia is accused of providing privileged vehicle registration information to Arthur Perez, a “convicted felon and known criminal.”

Segovia has requested an arbitration hearing and is appealing both disciplinary actions against him.

This isn’t the first time Segovia has gotten into trouble. In December 2018, he was suspended for 40 days after he drunkenly insulted police officers and attempted to prevent them from conducting an investigation.

Moreno, who made headlines after being involved in a love triangle with another San Antonio police officer, was also handed an indefinite suspension for his stalking arrest.

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Moreno also denied the allegations against him and has also requested an arbitration hearing to appeal the ruling.

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