Records: Man hid as his police officer lover and girlfriend fought over him

Off-duty Officer Nicolette Muniz charged with assaulting man's girlfriend


SAN ANTONIO – New details are coming to light in the arrest of an off-duty San Antonio police officer accused of assaulting the girlfriend of a man with whom she was having an affair, a police report states.

Nicolette Muniz, a 3-year veteran of the police force, is charged with family violence.

A police report for the incident, which occurred early Friday morning, states that Muniz FaceTimed a man with whom she was suspected of having an affair and that when the man's girlfriend saw Muniz calling, she picked up the phone.

The woman told authorities that she argued with Muniz over the phone and that Muniz said, "I bet you won't say that to my face," prompting the woman to give Muniz her home address.

The police report states that the woman told officers she didn't think Muniz would actually show up, but that Muniz did, in fact, go to her home in the 300 block of Sprucewood Lane and confronted her as she took her dog outside to use the restroom around 3 a.m. 

According to the police report, the woman knew her boyfriend was having an affair with Muniz since November, but thought it had ended. 

The woman told Muniz that her boyfriend didn't want to be with Muniz, and Muniz said she wanted to hear the man say it himself, so the pair agreed to go inside the home which is where they thought he was.

The door, however, was locked and someone else who lives at the home let the women inside.

As the two women entered the home, Muniz elbow checked the other woman in the stomach, then bumped her right leg, according to the report. 

The pair was unable to find the man, the report states, and when they got to the front door, Muniz got aggressive, telling the woman to hit her. According to the police report, Muniz antagonized the woman, punching her in the face and neck, while trying to get the woman to hit her back, but the woman instead called for the other person at the home to call the police, which that person did.

The woman told officers that Muniz then walked out of the home and said she would be making some phone calls, which the woman felt was a threat as Muniz is an officer, the report states. According to authorities, the woman then went to the backyard of the home to make sure the gate was closed so her dogs wouldn't get out, and she found her boyfriend in the backyard. 

The report states that the woman called her boyfriend a coward for not intervening in the argument and that the man responded, calling her "f-----g stupid" for calling the police, then got away through a back alleyway.

Police noted that they believed Muniz was the primary aggressor in the situation.

Police said Muniz was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the alleged assault. She was released Friday on $3,500 bail, online records show.

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