Donor celebrates 25 years of giving blood

Donor has made 127 trips to University Hospital’s Blood Donor Room, according to hospital records

Donor celebrates 25 years of giving blood
Donor celebrates 25 years of giving blood

SAN ANTONIO – David Paul has become a familiar face to staff at the University Hospital’s Blood Donor Room.

“What brought me initially were some coworkers of the unit that I worked in (that) were going to come down and donate,” Paul said.

Paul’s first visit was in 1995 with a group of coworkers from a different department at University Hospital. He’s made a total of 127 trips in the last 25 years.

David Paul celebrates 25 years of giving blood at University Hospital. (KSAT 12)

"When I started (donating), it was the whole blood. So, it was every eight weeks or so."

According to University Hospital records, his donations through the years have added up to 30 gallons of whole blood.

"Actually, I didn't even realize (the amount) until (now)," Paul said. "Once you get started and you get a routine with it, then it just flows and feels good."

Through the years, Paul has shifted towards donating platelets. He's made a total of 97 platelet donations in the last decade.

"You're not here any longer than you need to be," Paul said. "The best thing is (that) you're able to give something to the community, especially when there's a need, an extreme need right now. It feels good to be able to do that."

Paul hope to donate platelets at least 20 times this year.

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