San Antonio ranked as one of the best cities for aspiring moviemakers

Moviemakers Magazine says SA ‘continues to steadily prove itself as a moviemaking city...’

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SAN ANTONIO – If you’re looking to become a moviemaker, then the city of San Antonio may just be the place for you!

According to Moviemakers Magazine, San Antonio was chosen as the 20th best place to live and work as a moviemaker in the U.S.

San Antonio also made the magazine’s top 20 list in 2019 and in 2018. Houston ranked as the 19th best place to live and work as a moviemaker.

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Savannah, Georgia took the top spot in the list, followed by New Orleans and Santa Fe.

In part, the magazine says San Antonio “continues to steadily prove itself as a moviemaking city to be reckoned with. Among its many claims, it offers the most competitive local incentive program in Texas, which when paired with the state’s pro-gram can mean a 30% total rebate.”

San Antonio also hosts a handful of film festivals each year, including the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival, the San Antonio Cinefestival, the San Antonio Film Festival, the Jewish Film Festival and much more.

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