Reckon Point: Local startup represents possible future of Port SA

SAN ANTONIO – From big name international corporations to startups, Port San Antonio is home to more than 14,000 employees.

One of the local startups at Port SA is called Reckon Point, and in just a few years the company has gone from an idea in a garage to a full time business. The future of their business could actually be to the moon.

“We’re basically developing a 3-D model of existing buildings, and existing floor plans and turning that into a model that architects and construction engineers can use to build upon,” Gabe Garza, Reckon Point CEO said.

Garza started Reckon Point after serving in both the Navy and Air National Force.

“The robots behind us, what’s very unique is that they can go in and scan a building in a matter of hours instead of weeks,” Garza said. “It’s the kind of ecosystem to where we can all kind of lean from each other for areas that one may be better at algorithm’s, whereas another another company might be right. Better at mechanical engineering. And so we can kind of lean on each other to get the best of all the worlds."

Reckon Point image 2. (KSAT)

Reckon Point is thriving, but it’s not the only company seeing success at the port. Garza said the future is bright for his industry in the Alamo City.

“It is really going to be a technology hub and it’s gonna be a little bit different technology hub than what people are used to. I think what you’re going to see here is a lot more aerospace and engineering jobs and especially cyber jobs at a different level,” Garza said.

Reckon Point all started with the prototype. Now there is a version 2.0 and Garza has big plans for the future.

“We're actually going to update them, give them new capabilities to go outdoors, go up and downstairs, and there's chances that we might actually develop a handheld system that does the same thing,” Garza said.

And eventually Reckon Point could be headed to space.

“Map caves on the moon for like habitation, moon habitation. So we can see like a version. You know, we know we have talks about, you know, like how would how this could be used, that we can envision it being used to map caves, you know, on the moon,” Garza said.

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